"Reply to all" disasters


So my friend TP just emailed me and everyone she knows with the news that her mobile died and took all her phone numbers with it, and an apologetic request for all and sundry to let her have their numbers if they ever want to hear from her again.

Knowing that I will completely forget to answer the minute I move onto anything else, I immediately reply with my “No problem dumbass, here they are…”, listing my home number, work mobile, personal mobile, and then a bit of a rambling chat about shit like the network signal (or total lack of) in my house. Hit “SEND” and move on.

Next thing I know, I’m getting an out of office reply from a guy called Manuel. Cool name, but, I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone called Manuel.

Oh. Holy. Fuck !

I should point out here that my pal TP has had a pretty interesting life, and in her 30 years on this planet, has explored, lived in and made friends in pretty much every single continent going. So “everyone she knows” is actually…quite a number of randoms to be sending all your phone numbers to.

Fantastic. Who does that, really? Attention seeking “look at me” fucking losers, that’s who. Seriously – it’s actually harder to hit the “reply to all” button than just the single one. So, now, everyone on the planet (practically, seriously) thinks that I’m an attention seeking loser who has so few friends of her own, she’s desperately sharing all her contact details with pretty much anyone who’ll take them. Oh, please, anyone, call me….it’s lonely down here.


OK……well, I’m off to sit by the phone……ring dammit, RING !!!!!!!!

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