Running, eBay addiction and long weekends


Well, sadly for you, I have decided to use this blog to keep track of my running / training activity. Having metamorphasised into nothing more than a big wobbly blob in the last couple of years, I decided that the milestone of the dreaded 30th birthday was as good a time as ever to try and jump off the slippery slope of takeaways, DVDs and lardy-arsed inactivity. The sofa cannae take any more cap’n. So at the end of March 2007 I enlisted the help of Kate, the fabulous personal trainer, who comes around to the house twice a week and drags my bulky behind out of the door to pound the streets of Brighton. No folks, relax, there’s no earthquake…it’s just Kaiveejay passing your front door…

Two months in, and I’m finally ready to actually keep a record of my distances, my times, and my progress in reaching the goal of those damned skinny red Levi cords that I sodding well will fit into by the end of the summer…
So since Monday, I have done one 4.2km run and one 4.7 km run – yes, I know I’m hardly a marathon runner just yet, but it’s a start, and the weather’s been bloody awful, so I make no apologies. Being able to run 2 miles comfortably was my first goal, and we’re there, so go me! But that’s all I’m going to say about that now, because frankly, it’s dull.
On other news, I registered with eBay on the weekend – nobody warned me how totally *addictive* that place is. I seem to have “accidentally” bought myself a very flash new camera (it’s red, so I had to have it, to go with the red iPod, obviously….), and then got terribly excited when I realised that SMEG fridges become a lot more affordable if you get a slightly bashed one on eBay. Hurrah – I will get my cool retro appliances after all….in red, of course, to go with the iPod and camera…. uh-oh, I can feel my credit card flinching already….
Maybe if I can get my morning toast to burn in Elvis shapes I can recoup my costs…

What is it with long weekends and the weather? Saturday – rain. Sunday – torrential rain and freezing cold winds. Monday – much more rain. Tuesday (back at work) – glorious sunshine, blue skies and not a cloud in sight.

Still, thank Blockbuster for Six Feet Under… cannot understand what Nate sees in Brenda, she’s such a whinging, cheating bony-arsed miserable freak. Could she crack a smile once in a while? Lisa – OK, dreadful dress sense, mad vegan hippie that she is, but still far superior surely… although must admit that I’m probably quite biased having totally fallen in love with her in Mystic Pizza….
Can I call my first child Nate and have him turn out just as lovely, but maybe without the debilitating brain condition and nutcase siblings…?

If anyone ever tries to persuade you to watch The Fountain, by the way, hit them very hard over the head with a large saucepan and run for the hills as fast as your little legs can carry you! Seriously…you’ll thank me for that advice!

I have just admitted to Russian lesbian tendencies over lunch – otherwise known as a proficiency at shotput . Wise career move? You decide…..

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