Internet dating…or lack of


Many rambling and progressively more flirtatious emails and one very unproductive week after the first “Kiss” from Ollie….

K: Anyway, right, subtlety obviously not your thing, so here goes….next question! Do you fancy a pint (or two) / movie / dinner / all of the above / none of the above anytime, or do you prefer to stick with email for a while?

O: Re: going out for a drink, sure I’d love to! Should tell you though that I don’t want to lead you on or anything – you’re a very nice person! I’m just not sure I’m up for dating at this stage (despite being on a dating website, I know!) because I only fairly recently broke up with someone and I’m not sure where my head’s at or what I want. If you want, we can just go out, have a laugh and whatever .

Otherwise I’m enjoying our email chats too, you’re highly entertaining!


WTF?!?!? Sorry people, I am not signed up to a frigging DATING site just to entertain you on the days that Reddit fails to hit the mark. I should point out here that this emotionally retarded moron had quite clearly stated “Looking for a relationship / significant other”. I think that’s what they call false advertising.

I am not one to give up easily though – or maybe I was just having a particularly Bridget year – so more examples of why internet dating has such a bad name to follow….

Don’t even get me started on SPEED DATING!!!! Bloody Russians…..

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