The road to hell is paved with these…

wine.jpgNow that the shin splints seem to have healed and I’m back in training for the 10K next month, I thought it might be a good time to embark on my annual attempt to go a month without any alcohol at all…just to prove to myself that I’m not yet on the slippery slope to Amy Winehouse-ism..

(if ever a name was more apt…)

Yesterday in the news “they” were saying that there has been a massive increase of the “over indulgent” cancers – i.e. melanoma from too much sun, mouth cancer from too much booze and fags, and womb and kidney cancer from too many Big Macs. Well, I’ve lived in Australia for 4 years but have a Scottish skin tone (tick 1), I do enjoy a glass or three of something cold and wet of an evening (tick 2), I have been known to indulge in the odd ciggie (tick 3) and I’m still not fitting into those size 12 jeans dammit (losing track of all the ticks by now). Dammit. I’m going to die, like, yesterday apparently. Shit.

Health aside (it’ll never happen to me, obviously), the very vain and girlie part of me thinks that omitting the chub-inducing Chardonnay each night will assist in the completion of Mission Fabulous by Christmas….at which point I will undoubtedly overindulge as usual and pile the lard back on, but hey, that’s what New Year resolutions are for!

Oh, and beating my personal best in the 10K on September 9th will probably be easier sans stinking hangover.

Anyway, so there we have the intent.

And now we come to the road to h-e-l-l.

No sooner had I voiced my decision to a friend and colleague across the pond, than the phone rang. Literally 2 minutes later….

“Hi there, is that Kaiveejay? This is Mark from Virgin Wines. I’ve noticed that you have

£260 in your wine bank account – do you remember opening that account in June last year?”.

My what ??

Apparently on Fathers Day 2006 I ordered a case of wine for Dad.
Apparently those nice people at Virgin Wines then told me about an amazing new thing called a “wine bank”.
Apparently I was feeling particularly gullible that day, and excitedly proclaimed “Sign me up baby!!”

And promptly forgot all about it. Hence the £260.

Mark is very keen for me to start actually spending.
There is now a rather posh case of wine winging its way to sunny Brighton.

That was yesterday. But that’s OK, I now have a ready supply of gifts for those unexpected dinner invites / birthdays / housewarmings, and this’ll just look nicer than an empty wine rack anyway. I can, nay, I will resist !!

2 hours ago there was a rather insistent knock at the door. On opening, I was presented by a heavily tattooed skinhead with a delivery. For The Other from the Outlaws.

A case of wine no less.
That’s 24 bottles of posh wine in the house.

Oh bugger it….bottoms up – it’s Friday!!!!

Burn baby burn…….

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