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How to win the hearts of a nation

Police in Australia are currently searching for the parents of a three-year-old girl abandoned by her Chinese father at a train station in Melbourne. “Pumpkin” is being looked after by a foster family in the interim, who “have done a … Continue reading

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The perils of online grocery shopping…

On Thursday our regular grocery delivery arrived from Sainsburys. I must admit to being more than a little bewildered by the following substitution: In whose world exactly is a bag of unwashed radishes a logical replacement for a bottle of … Continue reading

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Oh my God, it's ugly naked guy!!

Imagine my surprise on opening up this photo after returning from a beautiful sunny Saturday cycle ride…. How rude…and yet, how impressively well camouflaged!

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Why the fuck is it called a "fun" run??

Apparently I can’t write a post saying that the culmination of Mission Fabulous is upon us, without actually writing a follow up. Given that the N key has just fallen off my keyboard, this will have to be brief – … Continue reading

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Life – it's a killer!

The latest news is that being on the pill actually protects you from cancer of the large bowel, uterus and ovaries. As long as you only take it for less than 8 years. Hurrah – pill me up Doc! Oh, … Continue reading

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The first true test of Mission Fabulous

So, this Sunday is the 10k run at Petworth House. The culmination of Mission Fabulous. It is actually quite hard to believe that 6 months ago I couldn’t join the local running club because they told me that you had … Continue reading

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Snuffy the Wonderdog

On the 14th June this year, Snuffy the Wonderdog left us to experience the joy of unlimited butt sniffing, food stealing and arthritis-free running that I’m sure is the norm in Doggy Heaven. Now that I have just about recovered … Continue reading

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