The first true test of Mission Fabulous

So, this Sunday is the 10k run at Petworth House. The culmination of Mission Fabulous. It is actually quite hard to believe that 6 months ago I couldn’t join the local running club because they told me that you had to be able to run 2 miles “comfortably”. I could barely run up the stairs without having to have a little rest at the top, let alone trot around the local park.

Now, thanks to Kate the super patient personal trainer, it’s quite hard to imagine being physically incapable of running less than 5 miles. The plan is now to beat my personal best 10k time of 57 minutes, which I last ran exactly 2 years ago (at about 10kg lighter) in Sydney. Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m not exactly giving Paula Radcliffe a run for her money, but you’ve got to start somewhere…

Petworth House is supposed to be beautiful, and I was quite looking forward to the challenge….until I read the Runners World website, where there are numerous disgruntled runners complaining about the hills, the mud, the lack of marshalls and the number of inexperienced runners holding things up. So, the perfect course to choose as a PB challenge then. D’oh!

I was starting to feel a little negative about the whole idea, until I heard the sad news about Jane Tomlinson this week. If a woman with terminal breast cancer and secondary bone cancer can run three marathons, and cycle across the United States for God’s sake, I guess there are no excuses left for me. Bugger.

So, this Sunday, I’ll be giving it my all for Cancer Research…and first thing Monday morning comes the registration for the Bath Half Marathon.

Wish me luck….

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