Is this fate?

After much discussion, we have come to the conclusion that we should sell our lovely Brighton home when we move to the US.  This was a really difficult decision to make – emotionally, I am hugely attached to this house.  We got engaged in the back garden, we planned our wedding from the kitchen table, we created our beautiful baby and enjoyed every minute of her first 14 months within these beautiful, Edwardian walls.    We’ve been a very happy little Pepper family here – I absolutely love our character-filled home, and it will break my heart to say goodbye.

However, my head knows that we could never return to this house, even if we decided not to stay in the US forever.  There is a mad Spaniard on one side, and a crazed Jack Russell on the other.  There is no garage, no dedicated parking spot outside, and no storage.   All of which we can cope with perfectly well with one baby, a dumb labrador and a hairy cat.   But once we get used to living in a bigger space, with a double or triple garage and (gasp!) a separate laundry room (swoon!), I think we would find it impossible to declutter and downsize again.  Particularly if we have any more Pepperlings.  Or Damyan buys any more bloody books / games consoles / computers.  Or Milo gets a girlfriend.

And then yesterday, a note came through the door:

Dear Homeowner

I am looking to buy a house in “Your Road”.

I have a buyer for my own house and would like to move at the end of the summer.   If you have any plans to move in the near future, do bear me in mind.  Thank you.


Is this fate???

Watch this space.   A gushing reply has been sent…

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