Fate is a Fickle Foe!

Maybe all those bloody single magpies I keep running into should have given me a clue…

Nice as it was for John to actually call us in person, the long and short of it is that our house is about £100,000 too expensive for him.  He’s after more of a “fixer upper”, having just been divorced and granted custody of his children (more information than was necessary to share with a complete stranger?  Maybe….).    Damn!!  It just goes to show that too good to be true, usually…is.

So we’re back to square one and unsure of how to proceed.  The complication is that we have a redemption penalty on our mortgage (and it is significant) if we sell before August 2012. But I suspect it may be difficult to sell the house with tenants in situ, and I know from my experience of living in Australia and letting a flat in Brighton for more than 4 years just how much of a nightmare it can be if anything goes wrong, even with full management services from the agent.  And what if it doesn’t sell immediately, but the tenants move out, leaving us with a UK mortgage to pay in pounds, but dollars to spend?  That very scenario very nearly had me leaving Australia 2 years earlier than I eventually did (which would have meant never meeting my lovely husband, father to my incredible daughter).   The fickle hand of fate.

But…the redemption penalty is huge.   A “my salary for about 3 months” sum.  You’d definitely celebrate if you won it on the lottery!

This is definitely one for the “too hard” basket for now, but if anyone has any pearls of wisdom to offer, then please bring it on! As you can see, I’m in quite the pickle over this particular conundrum.

In the meantime, I’m off to buy my Friday Euromillions ticket.  Or three.

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One Response to Fate is a Fickle Foe!

  1. rory walker says:

    Just do it for goodness sakes. Hire me as a nanny too please. And introduce me to all your foxy lady friends from Montana. Cripes, it’s not difficult! x


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