How the other half live

Remember how I talked about how sad I would be to sell our house, and some of you commented on how pretty it looked in the photo?

Well, this morning our friendly local estate agent came round to give me an appraisal of our home.  Apparently (as luck would have it) there is currently a real shortage of quality properties available in our area.  An area that happens to be highly sought-after, being less than 2 miles from the beach and town centre, and within spitting distance of three extremely reputable schools.  It’s Familyville central, basically.

The lovely David advised me regarding the sort of price we should be asking if we decided to sell.   A conversion to $$$ and a quick Google search revealed what we could buy in Seattle for exactly the same price.  So…a Brighton terraced house, with no garage and a 38 foot garden.  Or:

Oh.  My.  God.

I think it’s safe to say, my heart is not quite as broken any more.

Milo is going to be in seventh heaven – God bless America (and her housing crash)!!

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