Lists, lists, lists

Tick, tock...

Time marches on, and I keep getting little flutters of panic every time I remember something else that we need to do before we can leave the country.  Random thoughts that just pop into my head at unexpected moments.  Like the 5am realisation that I need to sort out the pet passports for Monty and Milo.  Or mid-teleconference ponderings on how much notice I ought to give Evie’s nursery that she’ll soon be waving a tearful farewell to “Auntie” Aimee.  And sudden realisation halfway through Eastenders that I still haven’t sent my passport, which expires in January 2012, for renewal – they’ll never let me into the States with that!

I really ought to start a list on my phone, so I can note down these things as they occur to me, rather than having a last minute panic halfway through September.

And then, there’s the Bucket List.  Things we really absolutely must see and do before we leave the UK, maybe for good.  I want to spend a day/weekend being a tourist in London – take Evie on the London Eye, let her run amok in the Tate Modern, and finish the day with, of course, a shopping spree in Hamleys!  We’ve never been to Drusillas or seen the Bluebell Railway.   Damyan has never even been inside the Brighton Royal Pavilion, despite living in Brighton since ’95 (shame on you, Damyan!).

I know these 4 months are going to absolutely fly by and there is just so, so much I have to, and want to do.

Panic is setting in…

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2 Responses to Lists, lists, lists

  1. Roisin says:

    Not to mention a last/first time dimc meet up! This could well be the most important thing on your list 🙂 x


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