Well, subject to contract at least.  Our listing now looks like this:

“Under Offer” – hurrah!!!  Our lovely home went online with and the estate agent’s own website on Wednesday night.  On Thursday morning we had our first viewing, and first offer.  Admittedly, it was a cheeky offer, but an offer nonetheless.   Between 12.30 and 2pm on Saturday, we had three viewings, with three more lined up for the start of the week.  And by 10am on Monday morning, we had our full asking price offer from a couple who have already sold their own house.  Wow!!  I know estate agents get a terribly bad rap, but I have to say, I’m super-impressed!  And I also want to skip down to the estate agent who told us we would “be incredibly lucky to get £££, max”  (for “£££”, insert a value £35,000 less than our offer), and wave the above timeline in his face. Maybe I should – undervaluing potential clients’ properties so significantly must be costing him a great deal of business.   But that would be tempting fate…

Sad as I am to be leaving this lovely house, I’m so happy to have met the family who hope to make it their home.  It’s nice to know that it will continue to be loved for years to come, rather than redeveloped, rented or ruined.  They are escaping the London rat race, looking forward to taking their 2-year old daughter to our three local parks, and mostly to putting her to bed in the ready-made nursery, then drinking wine on summer evenings out on the back deck!  A couple after our own hearts…

I hope I haven’t jinxed it all, but fingers crossed everything goes to plan, and we complete in the last week of September.  My bonkers solicitor is on the case, I have every faith!

Eeek – it’s all starting to feel terrifyingly, wonderfully real!!!

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One Response to Sold!

  1. Siobhan Cromtpon says:

    Wonderful news!!!! x


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