Looking forward

This is the view from my window today.  It’s June, and yet it feels more like October – even the weather forecasts state that things will “stay autumnal” in the coming days.  Pah!


But, I refuse to let the June gloom get me down.  Because, in FIFTEEN weeks (gasp!), maybe my view will be more like this:

Well, you never know, right?

With the feeling that this summer is just going to fly by, I can’t help but start obsessing over the upcoming Big Move, and Googling “Seattle” or “Relocating to the US” far more often than is probably healthy.   But here are a few things I’ve learnt in the last few weeks.

  1. Everyone has an opinion on which neighbourhood/suburb is the best place to live
  2. Most of these opinions completely contradict each other (and often themselves).  It’s impossible to decide where to live based on well-meaning friends’ recommendations, Google searches or “Top Ten” lists.  We just need to get out there and see for ourselves.
  3. I’m far too impatient to wait until we get out there to see for ourselves!  http://www.zillow.com/ is not my best friend – how’s a girl supposed to concentrate on anything else with this in my bookmarks?
  4. I should probably just accept that gloomy Junes are not going to be a thing of my past after all.  If there’s one thing Seattleites like to talk about, it’s the weather.  They don’t call it “Rain City” for nothing.  But the difference is, you can escape the rain.  In the winter, you can head up to the mountains and watch the rain turn to snow en route…and in the summer, well, California’s not that far away!
  5. The things most often discussed in any of the Top Ten lists are (in no particular order):  the traffic; the weather; the incredible local natural environment – mountains, national parks, lakes and oceans all right on the doorstep; the weather (!); the super friendly local people; the phenomenon known as “the Seattle Freeze” (i.e. the complete opposite of super friendly local people); Nirvana / music / grunge; there’s no state income tax; property prices are sky high (this one makes me laugh when I compare the price of houses with twice the square ft as our house with UK /  Brighton prices); the weather….
  6. I.  Can.  Not.  Wait (!!) to get out there and just make my own damn Top Ten list!!!!

15 weeks to go…and counting!

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