Bittersweet milestones!

On Monday, we finally exchanged contracts on our beautiful Brighton home!   It was one of those strange moments, where you really don’t know whether to wildly celebrate, or burst into tears.   On the one hand, this is just amazing news – it means we can finally stop worrying that it all might go horribly wrong, or that the buyer is going to pull a sneaky price drop at the 11th hour, or that the roof might collapse in the forecast gale force winds before all the paperwork is completed.   We’ve been waiting nearly 11 months to get this move to Seattle underway, so it’s not entirely surprising that as we approach the final couple of weeks, we’re touching wood and saluting magpies left, right and centre!

On the other hand, this is it.  The final nail.  There’s no going back now – we’re homeless, with a bonkers toddler, crazed labrador and very dim cat in tow!  We fell in love with this house just 3 and a half years ago, and our lives (and the house – sorry, house!) have changed beyond recognition since those footloose and fancy free days, when we were unmarried, childless and our only responsibility was a soppy Ragdoll named Monty.   Buying our first home together was the first step in the road to being grown-ups, and so this beautiful, Edwardian terrace in the heart of Brighton suburbia will always have a huge place in my own heart.   It really saddens me that Evie will never remember her first home, where she learned to sit, crawl, stagger and walk, where she tortured the dog and cartwheeled down the stairs, and where she changed our lives forever, for the better.

But, onwards and upwards!  I have to remind myself that this move to the US is going to be the making of our little Pepper clan.  We can find a home with fewer staircases for Evie to cartwheel down, no gaps in the floorboards and our very own parking space outside.   I’m so excited to start this new adventure, one that involves lots of exploring new neighbourhoods, checking out playgrounds and parks, and painting with our feet!

But I also know that while I skip out of the country and hop excitedly onto that plane, I will still be looking back over my shoulder with a tear or two in my eye…goodbye old home, you’ve been fabulous, darling!


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2 Responses to Bittersweet milestones!

  1. Lucie Wight says:

    That’s your house?!?! And now I may have to hate you a bit… 😉


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