And then…we were four!

Today I had my first taste of the US health system.  And – wow, what a breath of fresh air!  I guess when you are paying for your health care, there is a lot more money to splash around.  First big shocker – the hospital had a car park.  With actual free spaces in the middle of the day.  And it was free.  Easy and free hospital parking? Whatever next?

I’ll tell you what next!  My appointment was at 1.10pm with Dr. D.  I was told to turn up half an hour early because there were lots of forms to fill out.  I arrived on time, the forms really did take half an hour to fill out, and at 1.10pm on the dot, a lady in blue scrubs appeared and introduced herself to me as Kimberley, Dr. D’s nurse.  She then continued to explain that because she is Dr. D’s only nurse, she would be the only one I will ever see.  Continuity of care?  Really?  I love this system!

Kimberley ran through everything I could expect from her and Dr. D., what my appointments would entail, and where I should go to get my free gift (!!).   She then left me and Evie to it, and Dr. D. came in – a very slim, very young and very calm, friendly woman, who immediately put me and Evie at ease.  Our lack of insurance, lack of permanent address and lack of any kind of knowledge of the system did not faze her in the slightest.  And after our nice chat (but before any of the other unpleasant stuff I’ll save for another day), she popped out to find her wee portable machine, in order to show me this:

Thanks to a very full bladder (erm, my bad, I though I was going to have to pee in a pot!), it’s more than a little squished and looks more like an alien than anything else, but you’re just going to have to take my word for it – that wee blob up there, the one that looks like something from The X Files?  That’s Pepperling Number 2 – eek!

Evie’s going to be a big sister somewhere around 24th April 2012.  As you can see, she’s absolutely thrilled by the news:


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2 Responses to And then…we were four!

  1. Siobhan Cromtpon says:

    Loving the face Evie LOlx


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