At the risk of doing a Gwyneth…

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your well wishes and congratulations from the last post.  Needless to say, we’re very excited, whilst also being quite, quite nervous.  How will Miss Cuddle-a-Lot cope when she has to share her “gaddle”s?   How will I handle the sleep deprivation this time, when I can no longer nap when baby naps, because a certain toddler needs her own special mummy time and lots of entertaining)?  And the biggie….how on earth am I going to give birth without any gas and air?  Why, America, why did you do away with my precious giggle gas??

Still, if he or she comes out looking anywhere near as cute as the last one, then I guess we’ll manage to cope with just about anything:

And onto some other news…

Yesterday, we went and had a final look round The Dream House, and then sat down with our realtor and put together an offer.  The system works quite differently here – everything has to be done in writing, which is more of a long-winded process, but offers both sides more security.  Once an offer is accepted, it is legally binding, so the vendor can’t pull out if they suddenly decide that actually they wanted more money than that, and the buyer can’t pull out just because they saw a house on Rightmove / Zillow (delete as appropriate) over the weekend that is a bit of a better buy!

So, anyway, yay – we submitted our offer in writing last night, eek!!  The most exciting part of the contract to me is that, if it gets accepted, our target move date would be 17th November.  That’s one month away, y’all!  ONE MONTH!  Err….we “sold” Lowther Road in May, and nobody was ready to move until the end of September.  This November date is just such a fabulous surprise to me – I thought we’d be lucky to be in by Christmas!

I’m already mentally placing Christmas trees, filling the fireplace with logs, and wondering I can persuade Damyan to go all Clark Griswold on the lights…

Go on honey, you know you want to!

We now just have to sit tight and wait for the vendors to respond, in writing of course, with their reaction to the offer.  All offers have a 2 day expiration date, so we should know one way or another by the end of tomorrow (but hopefully before).   Eek – so nerve wracking, but so exciting.  Can’t quite believe we’ve been in the US for little over 2 weeks, and we’ve already put an offer in on a (pretty damn fabulous) house.  Cripes!

And finally…today we went to the DOL (Department of Licensing) to apply for our Washington State drivers licenses.  We can only drive on our UK licenses for 30 days, so have to take a written and practical test to get a local license.  Help – my last test was 17 years ago, I can’t say I’m looking forward to this at all.  Particularly reversing round a corner and parallel parking in The Beast – why oh why didn’t we pick a nippy wee Nissan?

We both passed our Knowledge Test this afternoon (yay!), while Evie ran in circles, flapping her arms, shrieking and generally clowning around to entertain her adoring audience (i.e. the poor captives, sitting waiting for their turn).  The practical is on 27th October.  My test is 15 minutes after Damyan’s.  Sigh…he’d better not do better than me, I’ll never hear the bloody end of it!!

I’ve just done a quick Google search to see if I could find what a Washington license looks like.  And the official example they provide?

The guy is 6 feet tall, aged 22 (but looks 42), weighs 175lb, and his name is Babe Boy Bashful.  Superb!



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