When in Rome…

Despite the fact that we have no doorstep or front yard to decorate, and being in a secure apartment building means that we are unlikely to get any or many trick-or-treaters…I still had to join in the fun!

Stage 1 - de-pulp the pumpkin

I thought Evie might think it was fun to help out with this.  I was wrong – too icky even for a 19 month old apparently.  Brilliant!

And now for the fun part (with a large helping of CHEATER BEATER):

The one where I gave all my secrets away

And….tada!!  Quite proud, even if I do say so myself:

Hello vampire Kitty!

There’s still one pumpkin left to carve – I know, the anticipation just might kill you!   And then I guess I’d better go all Martha Stewart and find some recipes for pumpkin-heavy tasty treats.

I can’t wait for next Halloween when Evie understands what all the madness is about, and I can go all pumpkin happy on the front porch of the Dream House – trick or treat!!

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