Timing is everything!

Exactly 47 days ago, every single Pepper possession was packed up in boxes;

loaded onto this;

and sealed with a kiss.  Or maybe, in fact, a blue plastic peg:

Since then, our wordly goods have been bobbing around at sea, sailing their merry way to our new home of sunny Seattle.  And now, finally (finally) they should be here – “due date”, if you will, was supposed to be 9th November 2011.

For those of you who have been paying attention, you’ll know that our closing date on The Dream House is next Wednesday, 16th November.   So, in an ideal world, it will take 5 days or so for our 124 boxes to get through customs, then another day to arrange delivery, and hey presto, everything arrives on the 17th, less than 24 hours after picking up the keys.  It could happen, right?

Sadly, the world doesn’t work according to my own little bubble of optimism.  Sigh.  We’ve already been warned that it will take at least 2 weeks to clear customs.   And that was before this happened!  Quote:  “Ports in western Washington state and Oakland, California are stepping up safety procedures after multiple reefers — or refrigerated shipping cars — exploded in Vietnam and Brazil, killing a total of three dockworkers.”.

The last known whereabouts of our shipment was (you guessed it!) Oakland, California. Of course, “some port workers in Oakland are refusing to work out of fear that more reefers will explode”.  And something else exciting going on at the port in Oakland?  Oh yes, a fire on Monday.  Obviously.  It’s OK though, “nobody was hurt”.  Great, good to hear, but WHAT ABOUT OUR STUFF?!?

We haven’t yet heard anything from the company that shipped our material possessions across the Atlantic.  No confirmation that the container has arrived safe and sound in Seattle, and the website still shows the boat as being in Oakland.   But websites are often slow to update, right?  Right?? Okay then.  So, I will doggedly continue to repeat the “no news is good news” mantra to myself, and wholeheartedly believe that we will be sleeping in our own fabulously comfy beds again, in our fabulously beautiful new home, in just a matter of days.  No really, we will.  It just can’t not be so.  If for no other reason than that we need to escape the confines of the stinky apartment, and provide Milo with an escape route from this torture:

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