Almost there…

Yesterday was really an unbelievable day.  I thought I might actually burst with all the excitement – I hope ickle bean was OK in there with all the bouncing around that was going on!

I had thought we would be spending the day mostly trying to kill time before closing – which wasn’t expected to be until around 5pm.  So Evie and I went to Gymboree in the morning for her Wednesday morning art class (“art” which mostly involves smearing shaving foam around, squishing Play-Doh into the floor, and generally making a mess that somebody else has to clear up – brilliant!), then decided to head to Starbucks (we are in Seattle, after all) for a latte and some pumpkin bread while we planned our next move.   As we had left home that morning, I had literally just said to Damo, “I really need to buy a sweater – it’s freezing and all mine are in the shipping”.  So I’m sure you will all share my utter joy at the sign in the window of Gap as I walked past, proclaiming “Sweaters – $25”.   It was a sign – both literally and figuratively!  And of course I had to buy three.  What?  It’s blimmin’ freezing here at the moment.

We were finally cosily ensconced in Starbucks, Evie quite contented with her milk and pumpkin bread, so I decided to make the most of the free Wi-Fi and check my emails.  First one was a message from our shipping company:

“Greetings Mr. Pepper,

I have just received good news.  Your sea shipment has cleared customs and arrived at our warehouse today.  Now, the first date this can be delivered is Friday, November 18th.”.

Errr….what?  You mean we’ll get all our stuff less than 48 hours after closing?


Or words to that effect.  I mean, I know I kidded before about timing being everything, and wouldn’t it be nice if everything happened at the same time, but I never actually in a zillion years thought it might all come together quite that smoothly.  A-may-hay-zing!

Having given everyone within earshot quite a startle with all the whooping, Evie and I decided it was probably time to make a sharp exit and head to the gym to kill another hour or two.  Except guess who zonked out about 2 minutes before we pulled into the car park?  I presume all that gluing glitter onto paper plates is exhausting work….so “home” to the apartment we went.

An hour later we were just thinking about what to have for lunch, when the phone rang.  Jenny.

Me: “Hi Jenny!  How are you?”

Jenny: “I’m good thanks.  You have a house!”.

1.45pm.  We closed 3 hours earlier than expected.  Have I already thrown in a “SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!“?   Evie and I leapt in the car, raced across Bellevue to meet Jenny in the Whole Foods car park (of all places) to make sure we got to her before she had to spend the rest of the afternoon on a tour, and very unceremoniously got the keys to our fabulous new house.  The Dream House.  Our Dream House.  OhmyGod!

Obviously itching to cross the threshold as soon as possible, we had lunch, threw some things in a couple of suitcases just so it wasn’t a wasted trip across, drove to Microsoft to pick up Damyan and then…we arrived at Hunters Glen and unlocked our own front door to our own beautiful home.   And promptly turned the heating on – brrrr, twas cold in there!

Just the most amazing feeling.  It’s such a gorgeous house, I can’t quite believe it’s ours.  And that it could possibly all have gone that smoothly.  So fast, and so easy, it’s mad.  But wonderful!  I can’t wait for our fabulous friends and family to make the trip to visit us.  but in the meantime, here’s a wee gallery of the “Before” pics – i.e. before the mountain of cardboard boxes arrives tomorrow.  I took them today, while waiting for Evie’s bed to be delievered, so we had some photos while the house is still a clean slate… and before the Peppers move in and trash it:

Oh yes, and on Wednesday, we also drove out to the Toyota garage and picked up our fancy schmancy new car – aren’t I spoilt?!

Photo to follow once I work out how on earth to use WordPress!

At 8am tomorrow, our ridiculously huge container-load of Lowther Road contents arrives at Hunters Glen.   And then, we can officially move in and call it “Home”.

So, who’s first to visit then?


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One Response to Almost there…

  1. anita says:

    Holy s*** Kerst – it’s gorgeous. You lucky things. I think this is al SO meant to be….that’s why it’s gone so smoothly. I suspect you’re here for good now lady…… you really think you’ll head back to what will be, by comparison, a poky house in UK (even if you get a nice semi or whatever, it’ll still be poky compared to your seattle dream home). Once you get used to this you’ll never go back………..well, we’ll see. Looking forward to seeing it with lowther road stuff in.


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