Sibling Rivalry

It’s been exactly 4 months and 1 day since Evie’s competition arrived.  Contrary to all expectations, Henry’s big sister has been incredibly patient, surprisingly gentle and wonderfully tolerant of this gorgeous new object of my affections.

There have been, however, a few hints of the jealousy that is clearly bubbling away not very far beneath her apparently placid demeanor…

Me: Ooh, Henry, that’s a stinker.  Let’s go change your diaper!

Me: Yuck, Henry, that’s really gross (after a particularly odious  vomiting incident).


Me: Ew, Henry, is that a bogey on your face?
Evie:  Mummy, MY BOGEY FACE!

Evidently, Evie has decided that the way to mummy’s heart is through repugnance!  Because interestingly…

Me:  Oh Henry, who’s mummy’s gorgeous, perfect, most beautiful boy?

Evie:  …… < stares silently at the TV > ……

Brilliant exchanges aside, I do think that my wee girl is coping fantastically well with this massive change in her life.  She has gone from complete indifference to the new baby, to a grudging interest in his movements (“ooh, where’d beebee go?”) and on to requesting Henry cuddles on the odd, rare, occasion.  She even, with no prompting whatsoever, decided to comfort him by offering all her treasured possessions – something he was obviously quite moved by:

I’m under no illusions that it will be plain sailing from here on in, and I’m already steeling myself for the inevitable battles that will be fought in the Pepper house in the years to come.   But, I do hope that they grow to be good friends.  I think Evie’s going to be a wonderful big sister, mentor and confident to our newest Pepperling.  And I think Henry already adores her – he finds her absolutely fascinating, but mostly she just totally cracks him up!

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