19 Weeks

Today was Henry’s 4-month check with his paediatrician. Or pediatrician, if you prefer. He is 19 weeks old today.

I think I may have mentioned before how very different my children are. There are the obvious differences, of course – one’s a girl, one is not; one was breastfed, one was not (well, not in your traditional fashion, anyway); one is British, one is not. And, personality wise, they’re polar opposites. Evie was always a sweet, quiet baby, but she really made you work for her smiles, and she absolutely would not giggle. I used to watch You’ve Been Framed (insert “America’s Funniest Home Videos” reference here, if you’re on this side of the pond), and see those babies laughing hysterically in their highchairs while their goofy parents blew raspberries, or the dog farted, and wonder why we clearly weren’t funny enough for our Evie. Maybe she just takes after her mum, and is more of a wry smile kind of gal, than a belly-grabbing, laugh-out-loud soul, but giggles only came with tickles (more of a fan of subtle Fry & Laurie comedy, than Mr Bean style, slapstick joviality, my clever girl).

Yep, I’m dressed like a boy. You’d pull this face too, mother!

Our Henry, on the other hand…well, life is just one big joke to him! Evie just needs to glance in his direction, and he’ll start chuckling away. He’s the world’s most ticklish baby, and just a quick blow of air in his face will set him off, giggle, giggle, snigger, sniggering away!

So I suppose it should come as no surprise that they’re also completely different, physically. Yes, their features may be the same – that same Pepper chin dimple, the same forward set jaw when they are being stubborn or thinking deeply, and the same beautiful blue eyes. But Evie, my gorgeous, breast-averse daughter, was always on the skinny side. Born at a perfectly reasonable weight of 7lb 2oz, she seemed to drop a centile at every visit with the health visitor, and eventually bottomed out at around the 10th – 15th centile for weight, and the 50th for height. She’s the next Kate Moss in the making, I tell you!

Work it, baby girl! 4 months old, and barely able to fill a Bumbo. Hair to make Dolly Parton fear for her career, though!

By comparison, here is Henry in the same Bumbo, but 6 weeks younger – two and a half months old:

My little chunky monkey weighed in at almost 17lb today, with a height of 26.5″.. (His big sister was more than 10 months old before she weighed the same!). He’s on the 90th centile for height, and the 75th for weight. Good grief, I can’t even imagine how much bigger Henry might have been if we’d had a straightforward breastfeeding experience, or if we’d been forced to give it up altogether and switch to the powdery goodness.

Another interesting thing that was noted today is that Henry is so very vocal. He loves the sound of his own voice, and shouts, chuckles, moans, gurgles or chats all day long. The sound of our son is ever present in the Pepper home. But he is 19 weeks old and has not yet rolled over. In fact, he shows no real interest in rolling or crawling, but is just dying to sit up and watch whatever his big sister is up to. The same big sister that was always so very quiet, but crawled by 6 months and was literally running rings around us by ten .

Evie at Seattle’s SeaTac airport – November 2010 (Damyan’s interview)

It will be so interesting to see if this all means anything yet.  When will Henry start to crawl or walk?  Will he talk in English sooner than his sister, or do we really need to learn this odd Russian/Chinese language that 2 year olds apparently speak??

It’s that strange Catch 22.  I’m dying to know how Henry will turn out, I’d love to see into the future and catch a glimpse of 3 year old “Hank the Yank”…but I really don’t want to wish his life away.  How on earth is he already 4 months old?  That’s a third of a year.  1/3 of the way through the first year of his life.  How?  How did that happen already?  Where’s my beautiful newborn?

Right, so, okay. Somebody come and slap me! This started out as a post intended to discuss UK paediatric care vs US pediatrics, differing vaccine schedules and NHS vs private health insurance….. and then I started looking at photos to put in the post, got all distracted and before you know it, there’s a little Pepperling love fest going on.

I can only apologise, and assure you that I’ll be back on form tomorrow. Let’s pretend this never happened….

(but, godammit, they’re pretty freakin’ cute, huh?!)

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2 Responses to 19 Weeks

  1. lucie wight says:

    Not just Finlay that thinks his big sister is *the* funniest thing to ever walk the face of the planet then? 😉

    And fret not, my monster six month old baby who eats three square meals a day plus pudding, three bottles, one yogurt and some finger foods, still wakes for night feed has only mastered rolling in the last two weeks…although is now looking dangerously close to crawling! Unlike his sister who resolutely refused to crawl, ever, and didn’t walk until 13months.

    I’ve decided they do these things just to annoy us…


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