Classy. Very classy. (updated)

Updated:  OK, so Kira Cochrane at The Guardian put it all a lot more eloquently than me!  Still, I like to think she’s not spending her days running around after Hurricane Evie, and endlessly rocking the Incredible Non-Sleeping Baby…  otherwise, I’d be getting paid too, obviously.  Ahem…..

, Chris Brown?

Even if it isn’t meant to be the face of Rihanna, or any random woman who has apparently had quite the introduction to a pair of fists, that is one fugly tattoo!

Apparently, it’s actually supposed to be an image he saw in a MAC cosmetics commercial, the icon of some Mexican “Day of the Dead” celebration.  This:

Wouldn’t you think that someone with that much money would be able to afford a better tattoo artist?  Not only is it not even close, but it really does look so much more like a badly beaten Rihanna.  And even if it was supposed to be an inking of the image above, why, oh why would you get a tattoo on your NECK, of all places, of a woman with a great big black eye, when you are (presumably) trying to clear your name and make people forget the events of 3 years ago?

Rihanna may well have forgiven and forgotten, but all those trashy mags and red-top papers are not so generous.  Doesn’t the man (using the term very loosely, of course) have a manager?  Or some kind of team of advisers to stop him from pummeling his reputation further into the ground?

Then again, we are talking about someone who came up with such inspiring lyrics as:

Lil nigga bigger than gorilla

‘Cause I’m killing every nigga that try to be on my shit

Better cuff your chick if you with her, I can get her

And she accidentally slip and fall on my dick

Oops, I said on my dick

I ain’t really mean to say on my dick

But since we talking about my dick

All of you haters say hi to it, I’m done

Yep, I think it’s safe to say, Chris “Beater” Brown won’t be winning any MENSA awards any time soon. But the greatest conundrum is, surely, what the hell does he have going for him, that someone as beautiful and successful as Rihanna would still be holding such a torch for the man that is responsible for this?

As I said….classy. Very classy, Chris.

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One Response to Classy. Very classy. (updated)

  1. Roisin says:

    Those lyrics are hilarious!! Ok, that’s it now, I’m trusting you to keep me up to date with all these current affairs now! Much better then reading ‘Heat’ magazine 🙂


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