Cake and babies

Firstly, thank you so much for all the sympathy and sleep solutions…and to those of you suffering just as badly, you have all my empathy – it is truly the hardest thing. There’s a good reason that sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture!

Most of you posted your comments and suggestions onto my Facebook page, rather than commenting onto the blog directly. I’ve taken the liberty of reposting those comments on the blog, just so that your suggestions are easier for me to find in future, and so that any other zombie mums, who are desperate interested to see how other families are managing to survive, can also access your pearls of wisdom. Please let me know if you would rather I didn’t post your words online, and I will delete them.

A little bit of housekeeping….I love receiving your comments, input and advice. Please do write them on the blog comments page, otherwise I will lose them forever in the dark abyss of the completely incomprehensible Facebook timeline. I’d love to look back in years to come and see what we were all talking about, way back in the days before my kids really gave me cause for sleepless nights! Of course, you have the option to remain anonymous, if you wish – ZombieMom 639 is absolutely fine.

Thanks, y’all !

And now, back we go to the weekend. On Saturday, it was the annual summer picnic of the birth center where Henry was born.

It’s weird, but I actually felt quite emotional as I drove towards the park and saw the PSBC sign, directing parents into the parking lot. It’s been nearly 5 months, but it just instantly took me right back to that momentous day, when we finally met our sleep-averse little guy. One of my biggest regrets about the time following Evie’s birth is that I never had the opportunity to see and thank the midwife that delivered her, and accompanied us both in the ambulance to hospital afterwards. She was so kind, and so reassuring at a time when I was at my most vulnerable, but I never laid eyes on her again after she left me in the not-very-capable hands of the Royal Sussex. That’s a story for another day, of course. But the point is, I was excited to see the Puget Sound team again, to have the opportunity that I never did the first time round.

Those three Kirkland midwives looked after me and my bump throughout my pregnancy, and did a great job of entertaining Evie at every appointment as well. Henry was delivered slooooooooowly, but uneventfully, in a super calm and cosy environment by the amazing Heike, and her student, Kim. And I returned to the birth center every other week until Henry’s 6 week sign-off visit.

The scene of Henry’s birth – before



So yes, after getting to know them all so well, I felt kind of bereft when it was all over! How could I have shared such a massively intimate experience with these women, and then just walk away without so much as a backwards glance? Planning another baby just so that I can hang out with Heike again would be quite extreme (right? RIGHT?!), so thank goodness for the summer picnic!

There’s not much to report from the picnic itself. It was a celebration of 17 years of operation, and over 3,000 births at the birth center. Fortunately 3,000 sets of parents didn’t turn up, but there was still a pretty good turnout. It was chaotic, of course – there was lots of Costco cake, balloons, a bounce house, and hundreds of manic kids running around on a frosting-induced sugar high!

Babies. Lots, and lots of babies!

We also were introduced to a beautiful new park that we hadn’t known existed – Cottage Lake Park – definitely one to bookmark for autumnal excursions with Energiser Bunny Evie.

But mainly, it was just so nice to see everyone again and let them cuddle my handsome Henry, now that there is more to him than just a peeing, pooping machine! As you can tell, he was absolutely thrilled to be re-introduced to the first face he ever laid eyes on. I guess April 30th was a pretty stressful day for him, too.

Err….she’s not going to try and put me back, is she?

Meet Heike, who will always hold a very special place in my heart, and is just the most amazing person to have with you while you’re turning purple in the face and yelling “IS IT NEARLY OVER?!?!?!” . And you never know, we may meet again – she assures me that there will be gas and air next time!

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