369 Days

Last Friday, 28th September, marked exactly one year since we arrived in Seattle. It’s crazy how a year can seem so very long – in that time, we’ve lived in two “corporate housing” apartments in two different cities, then bought a new house; we’ve hired two different cars, then purchased two more; and we’ve settled Evie into American life, then welcomed an incredibly beautiful new Pepperling into the fold. Phew!

And yet…a year can seem so terribly brief. In many ways, it feels like only yesterday that we cried as we shut the door of our Brighton home behind us for the very last time. It feels more like 12 days, than 12 months, since I went out with the girls for a “farewell dinner” at my very favourite Brighton eaterie (Indian Summer – if you’ve not been, change that, instantly!!). And the scent of salty sea air and vinegary chips still lingers in my nostrils, making me nostalgic for the city of drunken hens, pebbled beaches and tacky amusement arcades. Brighton. My beloved Brighton.

Ah, dear Brighton, I do love you. But….I left you! And so it’s time to look forward. And really, Seattle’s not half bad either!

The craziest thing about this past year is just how much Evie has changed. When we left the UK, she was still such a baby – just 18 months old, and as cute as a button!

It’s incredible to me how much she has changed, without us even noticing. There is no hint of baby left in her beautiful face. She has adapted so brilliantly to such a complete change in her life – not only the obvious geographical change, but the move away from friends and family; changing from a 4-day week in daycare to being with “mommy” 24-7; and having to accept the arrival of such strong competition for her parents’ affections. She now attends pre-school two mornings a week, she has made friends with the older children in our wonderful neighbourhood, and she is the best big sister that Henry could wish for – his face just lights up the second she walks in the room!

I wrote before about “the fear” – my worry about how having a 2nd child would affect Evie, and how she would cope with yet another new drama in her life. But I didn’t give my dear, headstrong, confident daughter the credit she deserves. If anyone could ever handle herself, it’s our sassy wee Genevieve. What a year, my gorgeous girl – thank you, you’ve been incredible!!

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