Myth busting

Yesterday, Seattle broke all records for the driest summer ever. We have had 0.03″ of rain since July 23rd. 78 dry days. August 2012 was the driest August on record. I’m guessing that September was too. There is still no rain forecast for the next 4 days, bringing it to 82 dry days – 22.5% of the year, mathematicians. More than 1/5 of the year spent with barely a drop of moisture in the air.

Soak it up!

When I left the UK (and quit my job), my colleagues all clubbed together to buy me an umbrella as my leaving gift. Oh, how you all laughed – KP is moving to Seattle, get that girl a brolly!! I’m wondering if you would like me to send it back, fellow ICONites? I hear that your need may be greater than mine – the wettest summer in over 100 years, so they say

My home village…underwater!

In fact, without trying to tempt fate (and clearly doing so, more fool I!), we haven’t yet seen any sign of the infamous Seattle gloom. Yes, of course, there have been cloudy days, and yes, there have been rainy days. But there has also been an awful lot of snow (despite everyone telling me it doesn’t really snow in Seattle), and an awful lot of sunshine (despite the fact that Washington State is the preferred home of vampires, so seldom does the sun shine…apparently!).

Vampires, schmampires…

So, yes…I’m really sorry guys, but I’m about to ruin it for you all. I remain convinced that the reputation that the Pacific Northwest has – that of being the land of grey skies and gloomy days – is a wonderful myth. It has been very cleverly constructed and widely spread, purely to keep the riff-raff out and the techies in: nobody ever moved to the “land of opportunity” to risk begging in the rain in a soggy cardboard box; similarly, no programmer ever gave two hoots about beach barbecues or summer mountain hikes when considering a career at Microsoft!

Fancy a hike? Or maybe you’re too busy with your C++…..

I hate to bust this marvelous myth – truly, I do – but when you spend 80% of your time with only a 2 year old, a dribbling infant and a dumb Labrador for company, you need to know that your friends and family just might visit one day. Forget Sydney, San Diego or Singapore – Seattle is where the sunshine lives, people. Spread the word….

Soggy Seattle? Okaaaaayyy…….

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5 Responses to Myth busting

  1. Aimee says:

    I know how you feel! I can’t get anyone to drive 2.5 hours from Birmingham to Brighton without some kind of kerfuffle :0) xxxxxxxxxx


    • Kerstin Pepper says:

      Godammit, what’s the excuse? I don’t even want to know, clearly a crappy one. Their loss, lovely – why would anyone choose to miss out on cuddles from the divine Miss Harriet? xxx


  2. Aimee says:

    I’m used to it now but it is kind of a downer when I think about it.


  3. lucie says:

    Every time I’ve been over its been lovely, even in Autumn and winter, nice bright blue skies, I love it.

    Have I mentioned jealousy recently 😉


  4. bwasham says:

    Having been here since March 2011 I won’t comment on what I’ve seen the weather do, but hey, it may have just been a fluke back then! I’m all for keeping this sunshine around!


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