Washington weekends

Last week, on my “Lonesome Town” post, I received the following comment (truncated):

…Seattle is a particularly difficult place to find sincere friends. …take advantage of the groups and meet-ups, but don’t get sore if you find that not every mom and dad are welcoming you into their circle with open arms….it’s strange, but it’s just how lots of people are out here. This also makes it easy to find the treasured friends you really click with though, because you’ll both reach out to each other. In the meantime Seattle…well, the Puget Sound Area and Pacific North West in general have sooooooo many amazing places to visit and explore. Go out and adventure with your tots!…

And she makes a very good point.  This is an amazing place to live.  We have so many opportunities here, so many parks, beaches, lakes, farms and forests to explore.   Henry is now nearly 6 months old – it’s time to stop using the “I have a new baby” excuse, and get out there, make the most of this beautiful part of the world…not to mention the friends and social groups that we have access to.

With that in mind, we actually just had a lovely, busy weekend!

On Saturday, Evie, Henry and I went to a Halloween party, hosted by one of my Meetup groups.  I released my inner Martha Stewart (minus the fraud charges and all that…) and baked spooky cupcakes (green sponge, orange frosting – yum!) & red-tinted “chocolate goo”, and we all got dressed up for the occasion:

Spooky Peppers!

And yes, it was hard work getting ourselves out of the door by 10 am, and yes, baking and frosting Halloween-themed cupcakes at 10 o’clock on a Friday night might feel like a total pain in the arse, but….totally worth it!   We had so much fun – Evie got to do pumpkin art and crafts, she played with all the other spooky kids, and she went trick-or-treating.  Though, admittedly, she may not have been 100% into the latter.

Clearly highly suspicious of the “trick” part of this equation.

It was such a fun morning – I got to chat with “moms” I’ve known since last November, some of whom haven’t seen my since Henry was just a big beachball belly – and the children all looked totally adorable, of course.

I don’t think either one of them quite gets the “scary” thing!

It’s the sort of thing that I don’t think we would ever have had the opportunity to be involved with, back in Brighton, and it was so much fun to see everyone get so into the spirit of the festivities!

Absolutely mesmerized by the madness!

On Sunday, we took advantage of a break in the clouds, and headed out to the local pumpkin patch.  Because it looked like it was going to be a stormy afternoon, we just went with the one that was closest to home, rather than researching those with the best rides, the best corn mazes or the biggest, bestest pumpkins.

P-p-p-p-p-p-pick up a pumpkin!

It worked out OK, though.  Strange is it might sound, it was so nice to be out there – traipsing around that muddy field, with all the other weary parents following their dearest darlings in the endless search for that elusive “perfect pumpkin”.

Believe me, there were plenty of imperfect pumpkins in that patch!

(Rotten) pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Such a big decision….

The whole pumpkin patch thing?  It’s really not about the pumpkins at all.  It’s a bit like Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July – just a great excuse for a family photo!

Pumpkin Peppers!

All in all, it was definitely one of those weekends where we could look at each other and say “Well, this is a pretty nice place to live, huh?“.

You can’t ask for much more than that, can you?

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2 Responses to Washington weekends

  1. lucie says:

    We feel exactly the same way about our little part of the world (although the Americans still do everything that bit bigger and better!). We have miles of beautiful sandy beaches all around us, forests with fabulous walks and built in play parks, two great swimming pools, three outdoor play farm things complete with fruit picking/pumpkin patch/reindeer, three different animal parks, various soft play and/or kids craft places including the FREE local one and numerous castles and stately homes, and only an hour from Edinburgh and all its multitude of delights. Yet people from home, with its one soft play, run down shops and three miles of badly polluted beach, always ask why we don’t move back!!!

    Just a shame all my local friends keep moving – damm you H M Forces!!!


  2. Niki says:

    Lovely! Still amazes me how grown up Evie is looking & Henry is completely adorable! x


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