Controlled Crying: Day Two

They say that it should take 3 days to a week for this to work.  So don’t worry, normal service shall be resumed shortly (she says, optimistically, while crossing all fingers and toes, and picking pennies up from the floor).

I’ll keep it brief this time.

Last night was pretty much a repeat of the night before.   Usual routine, in bed by 6.30.  Only this time, there was no crying at all – Henry fell asleep nursing, and didn’t really wake up at all while I burped him  and laid him down in his cot.  I may have done a little victory dance in the hall.   Prematurely, obviously.

An hour later, the screams began – just minutes after I’d completed the whole bedtime routine with Evie, switched on Grey’s Anatomy, and sat down with a steaming bowl of crab and red pepper soup, and a glass of red.  You know….obviously.

This time, we got through 5 minutes of yelling, then a 2 minute reassurance, and literally 20 seconds before the next 10 minutes was up, he gave in.  So, 16 and a half minutes of crying, before he fell asleep for the next 5 hours.

At 1.15 am, he woke up, nursed, and then settled himself back to sleep.

At 5.15 am, he woke up (not crying, just grumbling to himself), and was basically up for the day.  Which was fair enough really, considering he had soaked his diaper, his vest, babygro and sleepsuit – poor Henry, probably quite chilly!

Controlled Crying: Day Two?   I would call it a moderate success.   Only one waking during the night is brilliant, but obviously getting up at 5.15 am is less than ideal.

Needless to say, today I have been to Albertsons to stock up on Huggies Overnites, so we shall see what the next 12 hours brings.

Well, *that* wee boy is definitely sound asleep, anyway….

Unfortunately, Night Three did not start well this evening.  Henry loved his bath, giggling and splashing as usual.  He didn’t protest while I dressed him, or while I zipped him into his sleeping bag.  He nursed and burped as usual.   And then he screamed.  For 40 minutes.

So that was fun.

There are a lot more tears where this one came from, MOTHER!!!

Well, let’s see what tonight brings…..

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3 Responses to Controlled Crying: Day Two

  1. Becky W. says:

    It appears that progress is being made! My fingers and toes are crossed for the two of you!


  2. Stefanie says:

    Huggies overnight???? We don’t have them here!!!


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