Controlled crying: Day….erm, where were we, again?

You know you’re in trouble when all the days start to merge into one, right?


Let’s see….it’s Sunday.  So I guess that makes it Day 5?

Once again, I’ll be brief.    I left off just as Henry was giving me a hard time, on Night 3.  He yelled, screamed and writhed in fury for around 3/4 of an hour, and then he suddenly went silent.   So of course I faced that awful parenting conundrum – do I check on him, and risk rousing the wrath of fury again, or do I leave him, and spend all evening assuming he must have died, and suffering all that mother guilt over leaving him alone?

I’m only a little embarrassed to admit that I thought back to a night with Tim Minchin, in Brighton.  As part of his comedy routine, he mentioned that he had been watching a movie with his wife, while their young baby slept upstairs.  At one point, Tim looked at his wife, and said “I’ll just pop up and check on the baby!?”.  And she replied with “Oh Timmmmmm….if she’s asleep, you’ll just wake her up.  If she’s dead, well, there’s not much we can do about it.  So we might as well watch the end of the movie”.

Oh, hey, look – I found a clip!!

Anyway, so I decided not to check on him.  My bad.

As it turned out, I only had to worry until around midnight, when he woke up hungry.  I fed him, put him back down in his crib, and he went straight back to sleep.  Super!  Although, being woken well before 6 am to find he had soaked through all his clothes again?  Not quite so super.

Still, this is still a vast improvement on a week ago, and while 5.40 am isn’t too wonderful a time to get up for the day, when it’s all dark, cold and blustery outside, it’s definitely a lot better than spending all night trying to convince a cross baby to just go the f*&k to sleep, just to admit defeat at a more “reasonable”  7 o’clock!

You’re not kidding!

Friday night was a repeat of the night before, more or less.  He went down a lot more easily (obviously, given that his Dad was home for bedtime, and probably still doesn’t believe how hard the preceding nights were!), woke around 2 am for some sustenance, and then slept through until 6.30.  When I brought him into my bed and tried very hard to convince him to snooze a little longer, but Mr Giggles wasn’t having any of it.

Last night, though?  Oooh, that was the consummate example of successful sleep training!  My handsome Henry went to bed, without any kind of fuss at all, at 6.30 pm.   Despite the best efforts of his big sister (who screamed the house down, for no apparent reason, in the smallest of the small hours), I heard not a peep from him until 4.40 this morning.  10 hours.  TEN HOURS!!!  Why the hell didn’t I go to bed at the same time?  What was I thinking?  I could have had ten hours sleep!!  Well, apart from the whole Evie-screaming-blue-murder thing.  Whatever.  Kids will kill you – another thing they never said in the manual antenatal classes!

As the good Biological Sciences graduate that I am, I refuse to celebrate this as a successful experiment until the results have been shown to be repeatable.   Henry zonked out without any protest at 6.30 tonight.    Let’s see.   Let’s wait and see….

Whatever happens…didn’t he look fab at the Microsoft Halloween shindig?

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