Sigh… Controlled Crying: Day 6

– You didn’t think it was gonna be that easy, did you?
– You know, for a second there, yeah, I kinda did.
– Silly rabbit

Who’s the silly rabbit now then, huh?

Boing. Boing. Boing.

Sorry, I’m a Tarantino geek.   For the motorbikes, insert the sound of a baby screaming – and there, you have my day.

Now, where was I?

So obviously it was never going to be that easy.  I’m a scientist – I know full well that it takes time, fine tuning, and a lot of repetition before you start to see any kind of consistency in your results.   Why should this be any different?

When I left you, I had just put Henry to bed.  He went down so easily – too easily, in fact.

At midnight, he woke up crying.  And you know, it’s the strangest thing.  After 6 months of not sleeping, of getting used to waking up every two hours, once you finally get a decent (ish) night’s rest, you’d think it would be amazing, right?  You’d think that you would wake up the next day feeling like a whole new woman.  Refreshed.  Reborn.

But, actually… it leaves you completely floored.  I suppose that a sudden reset of your circadian rhythm leaves you in a miserable state of, well, jet lag.    And in my exhausted, jet-lagged state, I completely forgot all the rules.  So my first instinct was to pick the baby up, give him a cuddle, and then nurse him.

Silly rabbit.

That is what is called “setting a precedent”.  I completely undid all the work of the last 5 days – I’m such an idiot!  I re-taught my little lamb chop that if he cries, Mummy will come running, and she’ll bring food!  Argh!

Needless to say, it was not a restful night.  We were right back to waking every two hours…and at 5.45 am (hanging head in shame), I just gave up, and brought him into my bed for cosy cuddles.  Well, that was the idea.  In actual fact, I brought him into my bed so that I could listen to him whinging and crying in person, rather than over the baby monitor.  Brilliant.  What a marvelously magical way to start the week!


They say that sleep begets sleep, which might explain why Henry has only napped for a total of 45 minutes today.  In which case, we’re about to start a very vicious cycle!

Tonight, I’m going to be strong.  I promise.  I’m as bored of this as you are.   I will be strong.

She’s a mom of *three*, right? Well then, bring it!

Wish us luck – if only so that you never have to listen to me whinging on about sleep (or lack of) ever again!!!

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One Response to Sigh… Controlled Crying: Day 6

  1. Aimee says:

    Oh gawd love that is tough. I hope he starts to get better soon. We have half hour at least of full on sobbing and screaming each night before H goes to sleep so admittedly I don’t have the issues you have but I know just how fraught it gets then so I can only imagine how you’re feeling night after night. H doesn’t nap during day either – well not without a huge fight so I don’t have any answers 😦 xxxxx


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