Six Months

I can’t quite believe it, but my little dude turned 6 months old today, Tuesday 30th October 2012.

Where has the time gone?  How has it been 6 whole months since this tiny man came into my life:


In many ways, it feels like he has been a part of our family forever.  I certainly can’t imagine life without him.  But then when I think back to the day that he was born, it really seems like it must have been just a couple of weeks ago.   Surely half a year can’t have passed already?

Happy little porcupine

I won’t turn this into too saccharine a post – we all adore our children, and you all know just how besotted I am with this one in particular.   But, on Henry’s half-birthday (yes, I really said that), I was reflecting once again on how very lucky I am.  It’s been such a tough year for so many people, and so I feel a certain level of guilt over having such a beautiful, healthy and happy little boy in my life.

Oh, the hair. Everyone loves the hair!

Henry really is the sweetest, sunniest little baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Sure, he might not sleep very well, and yes, he has vomited over me more than any person should ever have to endure, but if that’s all I have to complain about…well, then really, I can’t feel too sorry for myself, can I?

This child starts every day with a big grin.  He beams when you change his diaper, his eyes gleam while I give him his morning feed, and he breaks into giggles the second his big sister enters the room.

I adore my sister…even when she is trying to subtly bump me off!

I was driving through Redmond yesterday, on the way home from a marathon 4-hour Soft Play session with the Pepperlings, and all I could hear coming from the back seat was a stream of giggles.  Evie kept pointing at Henry and squealing “PING!!!!“, and for whatever reason, my happy little hedgehog head thought this was the most hysterical thing he had ever, ever seen.   The more he guffawed, the more animated Evie became – no stand-up comic, high brow sit com, or Adam Sandler movie has ever made me laugh as much as those two did yesterday afternoon.

Yes, they drive me crazy much of the time, and no, I haven’t had a good nights sleep in about 3 years now, but, my goodness, I couldn’t ask for two brighter stars to light up my world each day.

And today, at 3.15 pm – 6 months, 1 hour and 3 minutes after he was born, Henry learned to crawl.   I tried to get a photo for you, but instead, I got this:

Henry does the Plank. On tippy toes.

Sheesh, that kid is such an over-achiever!

Happy six months, my perfect little pumpkin – I love you.

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