Happy Halloween

Tonight was our first “real” American Halloween.  Last year, we were still living in Corporate Housing, in a secure apartment block in downtown Bellevue.  I think only one sheepish family rang our bell that night. And Evie still looked like this:

Sweet little bumblebee

I know it might sound silly, but tonight was actually a tricky one to plan for.  We’ve never experienced a “proper” American Halloween.   The only exposure I’ve had to trick-or-treating in the US is through the movies.  And I’m thinking ET, here.


That was 1982 – I’m sure things have changed since then.  Do kids expect iPads in their treat buckets nowadays?  Oops, my bad!  I’m such a terrible Microsoft wife.  Do kids expect Surfaces in their treat buckets these days?

Also, we’ve never experienced Halloween in this house before.  We live in an estate full of kids, but it’s almost exactly a mile from our door to the neighbourhood’s official entrance.  We’re on a cul-de-sac, just off a dead end street.  Just how many kids are going to make it to our front door?

Well, I planned for lots.  Lots and lots.

Meet Fred. He’s dead, of course.

I must admit, I was super proud of my porch decor, considering Evie had absolutely zero interest in helping me carve the pumpkins – ditto for decorating the mini pumpkin and spider garlands.  Whose child is she anyway?  How can she not like art & crafting?  There was clearly some kind of mix-up at the hospital….

Late this afternoon, I got the Pepperlings into their costumes, while waiting for Damyan to come home.   Unfortunately, Henry was not a fan of his lion costume, and Evie refused to recycle the witch outfit she’s been subjected to all month.

Look familiar?

They were both horribly whiny all afternoon, but things soon picked up once the promise of candy was in the air!

I have to say, we had so much fun tonight.  Hunters Glen really came into its own, once again – every single house was so welcoming.  Even if there were some households that chose to turn off all the lights and hide in a back room, they still decorated the porch and left a bucket full of treats outside the door.

Watching Evie walk up to each homestead, mumbling “twick or tee” as she went and knocking confidently at each one,  but then going completely mute the second the door was opened – simply priceless!  She would peer into the basket of treats on offer, and just keep loading up her bucket until told to stop.    Maybe she is my daughter, after all…

Knock knock, motherf#&@er!!

Oh, Henry was pretty cute, too.

Twick or….oh, sod this, I want to go to bed!

All in all, it was a really lovely night.  The neighbours were just fantastic, they all called Evie “sweetheart”, “darlin'”, or “cutest little bumblebee”, and encouraged her to take as much candy as she liked.    Henry was the most patient little poppet, just along for the ride as Evie banged on doors, and it was so wonderful to bump into families that we already knew, and have them talk to our children with such affection.

It was just such a shame when we got home to find that some bastard had nicked our bucket of sweets from the doorstep.   Really?  Why would you?  There’s a street FULL of candy ripe for the taking, why make our house look like the place where the cheap, mean Brits live?  We had seen kids going up to our front porch, ringing the bell, and then walking away looking dejected, but I had assumed it was because our treats weren’t up to scratch.  Not that we had decorated our stoop to make it look so very inviting to young candy-hunters, only to “trick” them with a total absence of any kind of treat!

Still, despite the evil chocolate-thieves, I can officially say, I do love an American Halloween.  Now I just can’t wait for next year – when, obviously, the bucket will be bolted to the doorstep!!!

Maybe I need to make the pumpkins scarier next time!


UPDATE:  I was trying to remember where “Knock knock, motherf*cker” came from, maybe in a vain attempt to justify the caption on such a whimsical photo.   I figured it must be a famous line from a movie, given how quickly it popped into my head.   So I Googled it…   ha ha!!  Comparing Evie to Beyonce the giant metal chicken?  I’m so sorry!

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2 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. becci says:

    Looks so much more appealing than our drowned rat efforts last night. Not quite the same when costumes are hidden under big coats and hoods ha ha. Our Trick or Treat sounded a bit more like ‘Tickled Feet’ from Alfie.


  2. lucie says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t immediately remember it was the blogess! I actually lol-ed at the caption when I saw it.

    This was our first year trick or treating too, and I was mightily impressed with Iona, who did speak, but kept insisting ‘trick or trick’, no matter how much I coaxed her. I fear it is a sign of things to come!!!


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