Tick tock, tick tock…

So apparently crawling is so last week.

Heh heh….your life is officially over, MOM!!

The second week of November is all about standing, in case you didn’t know.  Do keep up, people.

God knows what next week will bring.  Climbing the stairs?  I suspect it may be time to start baby-proofing in earnest….  sigh.

Incidentally, yes, that is a puddle of his own vomit that he is having so much fun with.  That’s just how my son rolls.   On the plus side, I suspect this may save us a fortune in cheap FisherPrice plastic!

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  My little butter bean, nothing more than the size of a grape when we left the UK, is now not only crawling, but trying super hard to walk.  Evie goes to pre-school 1.5 days a week, and she doesn’t even bat an eyelid when I leave the building.  In fact, she merrily waves me away, “bye bye Mommy, bye bye!!”.   Oh yes, and I am now “Mommy”.  Hmmm.

A week tomorrow, we will have been in The Dream House for a whole year.  And more to the point, oh crap, this means that the snow is on its way, doesn’t it?

Winter’s a-coming…

The clocks going back, the leaves falling, the grey hairs appearing….they’re all hints of how quickly time is ticking on by, and how rapidly my children are becoming little Yankees.   It’s also a reminder of how life is moving on back in the UK – birthdays are being celebrated without me, babies are being born that I can’t meet, and weddings are occurring with no chance of my witnessing the nuptials.    I can’t be bitter about it – after all, it was our decision to move out here – but I can’t help but feel a little painful pang every time I see all these fun things happening back home that I can’t be part of.

Damn you, Facebook – without you, I’d never know!!!

I don’t mean to sound melancholy.  I think that this is always going to be the plight of the   ex-pat.   I love Brighton, I miss my closest friends and my family so very much, and I’m so sad that I’m not there to be part of all the big events that are happening in their lives.     But, I also love our new home, our recently acquired neighbours and friends, and the opportunities that I know our children will have here.  And that we will have, as a family, once the Pepperlings are old enough to come hiking, skiing, cycling and exploring in the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is….you’re all terribly mean for staying in England.  Just book the sodding flights, already, and come make KP laugh again.    And bring Maltesers!

Yeah, I’m gonna need a bigger bag!

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One Response to Tick tock, tick tock…

  1. Ricci McCoy says:

    KP your kiddies are always so bloody advanced!!!!!!


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