Well, probably only for me, admittedly.

But I finally have my own domain name, hurrah!  No need to remember that pesky WordPress bit when you’re typing in the URL.

From now on, The Peppers Head Stateside can be found at http://www.mumtomom.com.

You’re welcome.

On other news…

I went to see Skyfall last night.  Have you seen it?   Because if not, then I can’t say anything.  Bugger.  I’ll just need to settle for “whooooaaahhhh – didn’t see that coming!”.

Seriously though, it was very, very good.  Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva was the best Bond baddie ever, in my humble opinion.  From the flamboyant blonde hair and black, soulless eyes to the sinister smirk and darkest sense of humour – he was the most menacing of meanies, and yet left you wanting to see so much more of him!

“Mommy. Was. Very. Bad!”

And, of course, Daniel Craig took his shirt off.  A lot.

Do you really need a proper review…or is this reason enough?

And finally, for tonight’s Pepper news:  Henry had his 6 month check-up with Dr. Amy today.  My little chunk is on the 95th centile for height, the 75th for weight, and is far exceeding all his developmental milestones.  In other words, he is a 1 year old, with a 6-month old’s birth certificate.   For God’s sake – he is just like his sister.   When I saw how much of a chubster he was turning into, I was hoping I’d have a little pudding – you know, one of those fat little babies that are content to just sit and watch the world unfold around them.   Not ones of the ones that thinks it fun to scoot on over and see just how much torture the poor dog might endure:

I’m sorry, Milo. Again.

I think I’ve got myself a little Bond villain in the making.  Superb – we’re going to be (slightly evil, world-dominating) billionaires!!!!

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