Moms on the Run

It’s no secret that I’m still desperately missing my very good friend, and former personal trainer back in Blighty.   Kate, very selfishly, has chosen to remain in Brighton, despite all my begging and assurances that she could make a killing over here with her awesome boot camp and (fictional) new CrossFit business.   Apparently, she’s got a family and a mortgage to consider.  What. Ever.


My bestest running buddy and my little cheerleader – London Marathon 2011!

I’m also really keen to get properly back into running again, by which I mean getting out there at least 3 times a week, and training for some actual events- like a few 10 km “races”, and maybe a half marathon or two.    The Seattle Marathon was held yesterday, and I must admit, I toyed with the idea of applying to run it next year.   And then I remembered….without crazy Kate, I’m absolutely rubbish at this!   I love the high that running gives me, and I love getting out there in the fresh air, blowing away the cobwebs, and enjoying all the sights, sounds and smells of the local area, that you never get to enjoy from the confines of your cosy SUV.   But I just have absolutely no willpower.  I know that I will love it once I’m out there, but somehow the distance from my sofa to the front door is proving more insurmountable that the 26.2 miles I ran last April.

So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.  Yes, I know there are running clubs out there already, and I know that there are groups like Stroller Strides that offer a kind of  Mom’s workout program.  But none of them were in Redmond, and none of them at a time that fits in with Henry’s nap schedule, or the Pepperlings’ bedtime routines – with Daddy Pepper working so many late nights lately, it’s just impossible for me to sign up for an evening running group, and I refuse to spend half an hour in rush hour traffic to join a run in Bellevue, when we have so many great trails right here in Redmond.

And so, I present to you, “Redmond Moms on the Run”, my very own group on, with the following description:

“I’ve realized that without a running buddy, my inclination to get out and exercise in the rain is pretty much non-existent. So this is a group for any moms (or dads) interested in running, jogging, walking with strollers in and around Redmond, who also need company to motivate them to lace up those running shoes! All fitness levels are welcome – I thought we would meet at the starting point, warm up together, and then meet for coffee and/or chat at the end (but hopefully we’ll all find a “buddy” at a similar endurance level and speed). At the moment, I’m thinking of Marymoor Park, Sammamish River Trail / East Lake Sammamish trail, Redmond Ridge trails and the Burke-Gilman Trail as good starting points, but all other local suggestions would be much appreciated. Let’s get out there and get moving, Mommas!!”

Unfortunately for me, my little Meetup group was announced to the wider world last Thursday.  Which also happened to be Thanksgiving.  The day that everybody’s in-boxes filled up with dozens and dozens of Black Friday deals, shopping incentives and “Happy Turkey Day, y’all” messages.   Gah!!!

Despite this though, we already have 6 members, which I’m thrilled about.  Our first run is an introductory 5 km along the East side of Lake Sammamish, at 9.45 am tomorrow – perfect!  Admittedly, only one other member can make it, but I’ve already asked for (and received) feedback on which times and venues work best for everybody, and I’m hoping that the group will just gradually grow enough that I can pass on some of the scheduling responsibilities to another mom (or two).

Given that we have this run scheduled, I thought I had better get out there and make sure I can still do 5km!   So yesterday afternoon, Milo and I headed out just as the sun was sinking towards the horizon, and headed to the lakeside.    And suddenly, I remember exactly why I love to run.

So much more calming than “Mommy. MOMMY! MOOOMMMMMEEEEE!?!?!?!”.

Definitely not the view you get from my sofa!

I still miss my Kate, of course, and nothing will replace 5 years of running, gossiping and sharing our lives as we pounded the pavements of dear old Brighton.  But I’m really hoping that this will be the start of some beautiful new friendships, and, most importantly,  finding some running buddies to force me out of that damn door!

Seattle Marathon 2013?  Maybe.  Maybe….

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6 Responses to Moms on the Run

  1. bwasham says:

    Way to go! I USED to be a runner before I was pregnant with Jovie and now I have absolutely no willpower as well. I totally respect you for getting out there and forcing yourself to get back into it! You’ll be running that marathon next year, just wait and see!


  2. jayhox says:

    It was great running with you this morning! Hopefully we can make a few more of these & be super fit moms!


    • Kerstin Pepper says:

      Absolutely!! Henry fell fast asleep as soon as we left Lucky Jacks, so I’m trying to make the most of the quiet time and looking over schedules etc. Watch this space – would love to get out there again asap, what a lovely way to start the day. Thanks for the company!!! 🙂


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