The Photographer

Yesterday, my little kleptomaniac hijacked my digital SLR.   After complaining for a while that it was “too heavy”, yet refusing to relinquish control, she was soon clicking and flashing away like a pro:

“Say cheese, Mommy”

To be honest, I was having a crappy day.  I know I should have taken it away from her – it’s an expensive piece of equipment, after all – but she was happily entertaining herself for quite a while, so I accepted it as a blessing and left her to it.

It was only after she and Henry had (finally) gone to bed, that I had a chance to look through the results of her little foray into photography.  Looking at the world through the eye lens of a 2 year old is pretty interesting, it has to be said.  It’s fun to see the terribly important things that she found so worth capturing:

I can’t believe how many of them were in focus – it’s clearly time for me to hang up my Canon and hand over the family photography responsibility to my tenacious toddler!

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4 Responses to The Photographer

  1. Roisin says:

    I *love* the blank canvas one! X


  2. Claire SR says:

    We bought Osh a digital camera for his holiday. He is forever snapping away with it. It cracks me up when I upload them to the laptop. We had one of every step of the stairs last week. Bless our baby grown ups. Wouldn’t dare let him touch my dSLR though! You are a brave Mummy!


  3. jayhox says:

    Shannon loves Caillou too…and she also steals my camera (and presses her face against it just as Evie is pictured doing). I have a whole folder of her pictures…they’re funny.


    • Kerstin Pepper says:

      I loved looking through all the photos – just be grateful I didn’t share all 72 that she took. I think I have an idea for her Christmas present now!! 🙂 I have to say, Caillou drives me mad – he’s always whining! I’m sure that’s where Evie has learned it from (and nothing at all to do with simply being 2 years old – ha ha!).


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