Ho, ho, ho !!!!

I popped into Redmond town center today, just to pick up a baseball cap for running in the rain (!!), and when I saw that there was practically no queue at all outside Santa’s grotto, it seemed rude not to introduce the Pepperlings to jolly old Saint Nick!

Given the impromptu nature of our visit, they weren’t exactly dressed in all their finery, and Henry may well have still been wearing his lunch (mango, spinach and pear puree, if you’re interested).  However, I’m assuming hoping that Father Christmas doesn’t judge on appearances, and won’t add Evie to the naughty list for her unkempt hair, or for the fake sneeze so powerful it threw her to the floor, where she rolled around at his feet yelling “I sneezed, I sneezed!” for far longer than might be deemed socially acceptable.

Either way, I’m just happy that neither one of my little darlings screamed in terror at the bearded stranger in white gloves and red pyjamas…

Erm....Mum.  MUM?  What the...??

My daughter apparently has disproportionately large clown feet.

Ho ho ho – Meeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy Christmas, y’all!!

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3 Responses to Ho, ho, ho !!!!

  1. msrubyred1 says:

    Henry’s not so keen! Understandable…


  2. Roisin says:

    That’s a really good Santa!!!! Loved the bit about evies sneeze 🙂


  3. jayhox says:

    Great Santa! We still have to go do this…


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