O Christmas tree!

We were a little late in getting our Christmas tree this year, mainly because we wanted to “do the American thing”.  Or, at least, my idea of the American thing, according to the world of Clark Griswold!

That's the way to do it....isn't it?

That’s the way to do it….isn’t it?

Rather than the usual rushed trip to Home Depot, to rifle through pre-cut trees and try to imagine what they’ll look like once the white netting is cut away, we decided to head to a “U-Cut” Christmas tree farm – we picked our own pumpkins at Halloween, after all, so why not apply the same rule at Christmas?!

As luck would have it, Red Tricycle (our local parents/family magazine) sent a handy article to my in-box, telling me exactly where to go – so one damp and misty Sunday afternoon, off we set to Trinity Tree Farm for some Pepper Family Fun!

“Seattle parents rave about Trinity Tree Farms, nestled on a hilltop in Issaquah. Choose and cut down a tree of your own; then pay a visit to the local gift shop for something to decorate it with! Their new train rides are a surefire hit, as well as the new kettle corn and hot dog stands. Take some photos near the antique fire engine for some adorably quaint holiday cards, warm your hands at the bonfire, and enjoy the complimentary cocoa and cider!”.


Unfortunately, both the Pepperlings fell fast asleep on the way there, and the place was a bit of a muddy quagmire, but it was still a really fun day – another first for us all, anyway.  And hopefully, the first of many!

There’s not much more to say that I can’t show you in pictures, so here goes:

And several hours, many Christmas carols, and a few festive glasses of wine later…..

The dream tree for the Dream House.  Worth it!

The dream tree for the Dream House. Worth it!

Yes, I need to vacuum.  Don’t judge – I’m no domestic Goddess, but I am a mean mince pie maker.  Something’s got to give.

We not only found our dream tree, but after Damyan butchered trimmed it, I had enough festive foliage left over to make these two little beauties:

Kirsty Allsopp would be so proud!

Kirsty Allsopp would be so proud!

Go me!!

Incidentally, while we’re on the subject, Pike Place Market posted on Facebook the other day, “The sun is out, the holiday tree at Pike Place Market is lit and the hot spiced cider is flowing. Happy Friday & enjoy the Market!”.

Oh, the vitriol that followed!  “It’s a friggin’ Christmas tree, you fucking morons!”, was one particularly cheerful reply.   Although I would probably choose less confrontational language, I’m afraid I have to agree.  This is political correctness gone mad, surely?   Do we call the Menorah a “holiday candelabra”?  Erm, nope!

So, as it’s 11.30pm on December 24th, the fire is burning down and I need to get to bed before Santa arrives, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas – may you enjoy your friends, family and fabulous food, no matter what your religious persuasion.

Happy Christmas, y’all!

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One Response to O Christmas tree!

  1. jayhox says:

    Love your take on the menorah…ha ha ha, fabulous! Merry Christmas!


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