Weekend in Winthrop

It would be very remiss of me to focus solely on the journey from hell, whilst talking about last weekend.  It was the kindest offer, from some very generous friends, that led me to Winthrop, and I think we should end this week on a positive note.

So….it’s time for that shameless photo fest I promised you.  I don’t have enough of a way with words to adequately describe the beauty and serenity of this part of the world, so hopefully my amateur pictorial efforts will do the job.

Feast your eyes, my lovelies.


Thank you, Bruce and Karen, for not freaking out when my daughter bled all over your lovely new sheets.  Thank you, for being tour guides, babysitters, and awesome company to my lonely ole self.   Thank you so much for our wonderfully idyllic weekend!

And now….I’m off to daydream on Zillow for a while.  Because I really want me one of these:


Henry looks quite at home there, don’t you think?

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