If you go down to the woods today…

You’re in for a BIG surprise.

And, by “the woods”, I mean “our garden”.  


Our neighborhood has its own Yahoo! group – somewhere for residents of the estate to ask for plumber recommendations, report lost / found dogs, and let us all know about the annual summer barbecue.  

12 days ago, this message was mailed to us all:

“Neighbors have recently seen a black bear moving through their property. Walt report a close encounter and Sandy and Walt watched the bear dismantle their bird feeder. Keep close watch for this critter”

I must admit, my initial response was “Oh wow, so cool – we have coyotes, bobcats, deer, rabbits and now bears in our back yard, it’s like our very own episode of The Living Planet!”. 

And then, I started to hear rustling in the trees while I was out playing with the Pepperlings.  Rustling that definitely ain’t no wabbit!  Suddenly, I’m a little nervous to let the kids play in the sandbox on their own….particularly since hearing a rumour that our (maybe not so) friendly visitor has cubs. 

Fast forward to this evening, when our immediate neighbor popped round to show us photos taken on the “SpyCam”.  

Oh.  My.  God.   Will you look at this beast?   



Mama Pepper’s gotta get me a guuuunnn, dammit!!

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3 Responses to If you go down to the woods today…

  1. sheeny says:

    Bugger me thats a biggun’!”


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