Pleasing a pre-schooler’s palate

Day 2 – #100HappyDays

As I rustled up this culinary masterpiece this evening, the following conversation took place:

Evie:  Mmmm…..what’s that nice smell?
Me:  It’s dinner.  I’m cooking dinner.
Evie:  Mmmm…..Mummy?  You’re the best mum in the whole wide world.  I’m going to give you a little kiss!

And with that, she hopped down from her stool, shimmied on over, and gave me a sweet little peck on the bum.

Even more exciting than a little bottom smooching from my darling first-born, is that both of my picky little Pepperlings declared dinner to be delicious, then wolfed it down, veggies and all.  Hurrah!!  If that doesn’t count as a #100HappyDays moment, then I don’t know what does.

In the spirit of all this joy and sharing the love, I’m going to throw caution to the wind, and share the secrets of this one pot wonder with you all.  You lucky bunnies, you!

I must give credit to a fellow mom (hi Sharra!), who posted the link on her own Facebook page – now that I’m back at work full time (more on that soon!), I see the words “One pot”, “Quick ‘n’ easy” or “Slow cooker” attributed to a recipe, and I’m all over it like an Alpha mama crafter on Pinterest.

Without further ado, here’s how you too can win your very own sweet butt kisses:

One Pot Wonder Chicken Lo Mein Recipe

You’re welcome!

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One Response to Pleasing a pre-schooler’s palate

  1. sarcasmica says:

    im so glad it was a hit!


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