Heike and the Happy Gas!

Day 3.


Henry’s birthplace. Swish-shwoo!

This afternoon I had my 22 week appointment back at the birth center where Henry was born.
In fact, the fabulous midwife who delivered my sweet little man was there at the front desk as I walked in, snuggling a teeny tiny newborn.  Heike glanced up at me, back down to the baby, and up again….before a few cogs turned, and suddenly her face lit up, She rushed over, said “Oh my God, is it real, are you BACK?!”, closely followed by “Guess what?  I have gas and air now!!!!” and gave me a huge hug.

After years of relentless campaigning, lobbying and fundraising, Puget Sound Midwives & Birth Center can now proudly proclaim that they are the only standalone birth center in the USA to offer labouring women gas & air (Entonox) for pain relief.

Happy gas now back on the menu thanks to Heike and her abject refusal to take no for an answer?  I’d say that’s a pretty good reason for a #100HappyDays hashtag…and maybe even a “HURRAH!!!!!”.

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