Fabulous Four!

Day 7.

Today, my sweet, affectionate, Little Miss “Everybody is my best friend” celebrated her fourth birthday!


I wish I had a better photo to share of her special day, but I can’t find my camera charger anywhere in the chaotic mess that we affectionately call “home”, so a blurred phone snapshot will have to do.

I’ve heard weary parents refer to this age as “The Fucking Fours”, but I’m burying my head in the sand, singing “la la laaaa, I can’t hear you!” and opting to assume that surely they must mean “Fabulous Fours”.  Right?  Evie, for her part, has decided that being 4 means she is now terribly grown up, awfully independent, and can absolutely wipe her own bottom now.  Progress indeed!

I know that every parent believes that the sun shines out of their darling offspring’s orifices, so I won’t bore you (too much) with a tedious novella detailing my darling daughter’s finer points.  I will say though, that I’m so very proud of my little leprechaun.  She’s wonderfully funny, ridiculously affectionate, and she has this innate ability to make friends wherever she goes.  Most importantly, she somehow manages to refrain from retaliating when her savage wee brother clobbers her over the head, just for fun.

I don’t quite know what we did to deserve this willful, wonderful little whirlwind, but I’m so very grateful she came to brighten our lives on that foggy Paddy’s Day, 48 months ago.

ImageLove that crazy girl!  #100HappyDays. 



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