Spring has sprung (at last)!

Day 10.  

Today marks the first official day of Spring.  Thank God!  I feel like it has been nothing but grey and gloomy since my parents came for a particularly soggy September visit last year, and I’m definitely  ready to see some sunshine now.   Our garden is a sea of moss, which covers the lawn, the trees, the patio…as far as the eye can see, there’s moss green carpet claiming its hold on our poor plants.   The children have been paddling on the lawn, with the water coming up over their boots, and the frogs are having an absolute field day!  

Thank goodness Mother Nature decided to welcome the new season in style this afternoon:



The blossom’s on the trees, turning our front yard into a vision of candyfloss blooms against beautiful blue skies, and the forecast for the next few days is for sun, sun and a little bit more sun thrown in for good measure.  I even heard the happy news on the radio today that summer is expected to start early in Seattle this year, with balmy days and bright skies set to be with us from early June to September.  Praise be, I think we are all in a little need of some Vitamin D right now!  And I think that calls for a #100HappyDays.  

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