Super Prep

Day 12

Tomorrow is Evie’s 4th birthday party, so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, non-stop day of getting ready, searching for blu-tac and generally working myself up into a nice little panic.  The theme that Evie chose was “Superhero Party”….which I thought would be easy enough to manage.   Until she mentioned that she wanted to dress up as that well known superhero, “Super Heart”.  Yes, that one.   Apparently Super Heart’s super power is “Making people love you that don’t really like you”, and “Giving people hearts that don’t have one”.   Pretty awesome.  Pretty simple costume, I thought – no biggie.  

Until 48 hours ago, when she resolutely proclaimed that she didn’t want to be Super Heart any more (whilst looking at me despairingly, as if I was insane to have ever even suggested such a crazy thing!).  She is, in fact, Super Hello Kitty!!!   

Of course.

And now you are coming a little closer to understanding why our date night last night was spent in Jo-Ann fabrics!

But this is a #100HappyDays post (betcha can’t wait until tomorrow’s entry!), so I shall love you and leave you with the fruits of my labours this evening:



Ta-da!!!   And here is where I pray to the Goddess of Crafting and All Things Domestic (is that Kirstie Allsopp, these days?) that the cheat’s binding tape holds, and Little Miss Super-Demanding is happy enough with her attire when she sees it.  

Wish me luck! 

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