Sunny run days (while it lasts!).

Day 14. 

I must admit to having a case of the Mondays today.  Maybe it’s the post-party come down….or maybe I’m just wiped out from all that superhero madness (oh, the irony!), but either way, I wasn’t exactly filled with joy when one of my running moms messaged me, “Are you happy to run today?”.  

After sitting there for 5 minutes trying to think of a convincing excuse, but seeing no conflicting meeting in my Outlook Calendar, and nothing but clear blue skies outside, it was time to resign myself to my fate with a reluctant “OK, sure!”.

Having strapped on the oh-so-sexy belly band, dragged out one of the few running shirts I have that will still fit over the rapidly expanding belly, off I drove to our lakeside running rendez-vous… be met with this beautiful sight:


Aaaahhhhh…….and Monday blues be gone!   It may be set to rain tomorrow.  And every day after that for the foreseeable future.  But today?  Today was a stunner! I’m so glad I had my running group to force me out of the house, and out of the doldrums.  Turns out that exercise is good for you after all.  Who knew?!   #100HappyDays. 


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