The Mermaid

Day 16.

We have established a few little routines since I’ve returned to work, one of them being that every Wednesday lunchtime, I go and pick up Evie from preschool myself, while the nanny puts Henry down for his nap.  I treasure these Wednesdays – it helps me to keep in touch with the school, while I get the added bonus of hearing that delightful “Mummmeeeeee!!!!” squeal , as my big girl sees me standing in the classroom doorway…..before she insists on hugging and kissing her goodbyes to every child and teacher in the vicinity.   

This afternoon, as we drove home, I asked Evie what she had done at school that day.  She told me that she had made flowers for me and for Daddy.  Then she reconsidered, and said that the flowers were only for me and her, because only girls could have flowers, they weren’t for “boyses”.   

Oh, I enquired, is that because boys are stinky?

“Yes!  But why mummy?  How do they get clean?”

Well, Henry takes a bath, just like you do.  He’s not really stinky.

“But what about Daddy?  He doesn’t take a bath.”. 

Nope, Daddy has a shower every day, instead.

“Oh, a shower?  That’s RUBBISH!!”.

Erm.  OK.  Why is a shower rubbish, Evie?

“Because you have to stand up.  You can’t get all naked and lie down and pretend to be a mermaid.  Rubbish!!”.  


Well, quite.  

Now excuse me while I go and run that bath.  It sounds like fun!   #100HappyDays

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