Health and happiness

Day 20. 

Well, I’ve officially failed on my mission, but I’m not throwing in the towel just yet.  Am I allowed to cheat, just a little?  
I’ve missed a couple of days on my happiness crusade, but I have a good excuse.  Bugs.  Nasty, evil bugs in my tummy, making it difficult to stomach anything more than a mouthful of ice-chips, or to play with the Pepperlings for more than 5 minutes before having to skulk back to bed, defeated.   So I hope you’ll forgive me for struggling to find moments of pure joy in the last 48 hours.  I could say “Day 18 – I’m happy to be alive, because I actually feel like death”, or “Day 19 – I lost almost 6lb in 48 hours, I’m like an awesome Biggest Loser success story!”, but I suspect that, at 24 weeks pregnant, that is possibly not really something I ought to celebrate.  

So, I’ll just say “Days 18/19 – I’m just grateful that this is all I have to complain about.  This, too, shall pass.”.

And so, moving swiftly on.  Hello!  We’re up to day 20 already.  One fifth of the way through this little challenge.  And today, predictably, I’m oh so happy that I managed to keep down a meal.  But more than that, I’m delighted that today was the day that the sun decided to shine, and I got to escape not only my bedroom, but the entire house – heaven forbid!  Not a moment too soon, either – those poor little Pepperpots were climbing the walls, it was only a matter of time before they turned on the dog.    But we escaped, hurrah!  An hour of so of playing outside with the neighbour’s kids, before we decided to truly take advantage of a rare rain-free day, and try out a new park:



Is it me, or has Henry aged in the last 3 days?   I know how you feel, little man….

Tomorrow is the last day of March.  The wettest March ever on record, here in soggy Seattle.  Knowing the reputation that this part of the world (and its weather) has, you know that means we’ve been having a pretty miserable time of it.   We shall wave this month a not-very-fond farewell, and look forward to health, happiness, and a handful of hot, hazy April days (please). Come on, Universe, you owe us this one!  


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