Tantrums and Terms of Endearment

Day 24. 

Oh my goodness, was there a full moon, or something in the water today?  Oh, the tantrums!  The mood swings.  The drama !!
It was like having Elton John living in the house, but with a lot fewer flowers.  More’s the pity.

The day started at 6am (groan), with tearful wails of “Mummy, Mummy, mummymummymummymummy MUMMMMEEEEEEEEEE” emanating from Henry’s bedroom.  Such fun!  Having staggered out of bed to retrieve the little darling, I was greeted with the charming demand “Mummy.  Downstairs.  Stairs!”, and a very determined point downwards, just in case I didn’t get the message.   Er, no, son, let’s go back to mummy’s bed for a while.  It’s snuggle time, yay!   

Ha!  Well, that was a popular suggestion.  There followed 20 minutes (twenty minutes!) of full on floor throwing, back-arching, headbutting, screaming, wailing, totally inconsolable tantrum.  Trying to calm him down was like attempting to wrestle twenty writhing vipers into a Jiffy bag.  Good grief, that boy knows how to protest.  He has quite the glittering political career ahead of him, that’s for sure.   

Having eventually admitted defeat, and taken my little ray of sunshine down for a cup of miiiiiilllllkkkkkk and his morning Disney fix, I was soon greeted by the cheerful soul that is my daughter.  Who appeared to have metamorphosed into a moody teenager overnight.

Me: Hello darling girl, how are you this morning?  Did you sleep well?

Evie (eyes down, pout to rival Keira Knightley): I don’t want to talk to nobody.  I’m going to watch TV. 

I give up.

The day continued in much the same vein.  Both children seemed to swing from noisy euphoria, racing around the house, “singing” at the top of their lungs, to sulky, moody, whining creatures, with apparently no ability to convey exactly what was troubling them.  Except…oh, ev-ery-thing.  And as for the nanny….cripes, I soon figured out that it was probably worth giving her an equally wide berth, too.

Good times, all round.

But when these days happen, I guess all you can do is focus on the happy intervals, and pray that they will outweigh the mad moments.  The joy of working from home and having the kids cared for by a nanny, rather than taking them to a full-time daycare centre, is that I still get to see them throughout the day.  Once we’ve all had breakfast, I’ve made my morning coffee to take to work, and the nanny has arrived to take over, I tell the kids that I’m heading up to my office, and that I’ll see them soon.  Normally, Evie insists on a “goodbye kiss and a cuddle” before I’m permitted to exit left, and Henry just mirrors whatever his sister is up to.

Today, however, I got a very special reply from my funny little monkey:

OK, bye bye my little sweetheart.  I’ll miss you!

…..as her little brother stood by, blowing me kisses.



I know that these are crazy times, and there are undoubtedly many more tough days ahead for us all, but I have to say….these little magic moments from my two silly billies, well, they make the terrifically terrible tantrums that bit easier to forgive, don’t they?  #100HappyDays.


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