Footie fanatic

Day 25. 

Evie has been attending weekly classes at MyGym since she was about two and a half years old.  They’ve been great for her – they taught her how to sit quietly and listen to instructions, how to wait her turn, play safely and, of course, perform a forward roll.  But, now that she is in pre-school 3 days a week, has passed her 4th birthday, and has more energy than a wild cat that’s been force fed RedBull and catnip, I feel that she has more than outgrown those sweet but sedate Saturday classes.  

So, we’ve been looking for something new.  I’ve taken her to a couple of different gymnastics classes, thinking they would be right up her alley, given how much she enjoys throwing herself around the sofa, and leaping from great heights in the playground.   But somehow, none of them felt quite right.  I’ve been wracking my brains, wondering if maybe ballet or swimming classes might be the way forward….until a friend, in a moment of perfect timing,invited us to join in a trial session at her son’s Lil Kickers indoor football class. 

I dismissed the nanny early today, loaded up the Pepperlings into the car, and drove 30 minutes and two towns away (Henry “singing” at full volume the entire way, while Evie complained that she didn’t know how to play football, and could I please get Henry to shut up!) to give it a whirl.  


Well, what can I say?  Kid’s a natural!  Honestly, I think we’ve found our missing piece of the puzzle.  I wouldn’t say it was 100% plain sailing – she did get upset halfway through, when she didn’t understand the instructions, and decided (again) that she just doesn’t know HOW to play, and there was an unfortunate ball-in-face incident that gave her a pretty impressive egg on her forehead.  Oh, and she did come away with a torn fingernail.   But apart from that….she had a great time.  It was perfect – an hour long class, full of running, following instructions, learning ball control and, most importantly, having fun!   

Now, the golden test will be whether it’s worn her out enough.  If she sleeps all night in her own bed tonight (and by “all night”, I mean until at least 7am…..please!), then that’s it, I’m signing her up first thing in the morning!!   Watch out Beckham, Evie’s on her way.  #100HappyDays.

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