Freebies and fun days!

Day 30. 

I’m a member of a local “Buy, sell, trade” Facebook group, along with nearly a thousand other people who use it, mostly, to sell off all the baby / toddler gear they no longer have any use for.  Amongst many other things, obviously.  

I’ve been wondering about how the Pepperlings’ sleeping arrangements are going to work, once “Daisy” arrives in 14 short weeks.  Evie currently sleeps in a twin bed in her own bedroom, and Henry is still in his cot in his room.  In the long run, the plan is to have Evie and Henry share a room, either in bunk beds, or with two twins, but for now….both of them are, more often than not, sleeping beautifully.  Yes, it would be great if they’d sleep more like hormonal teenagers than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed toddlers, but on the whole, we don’t really have too much to complain about.   So, my feeling is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  In other words….until he starts back-flipping over the rails, or throwing himself headfirst onto the floor, I’m not about to try and persuade Henry to give up his cosy crib just yet.  We have plenty of sleepless nights ahead of us as it is – why punish ourselves earlier than we need to? 

Which leaves me with a bit of a conundrum.  Where will Daisy sleep?  Obviously he / she will be in our bedroom for the first few weeks, but I’m thinking that popping baby in a drawer with a few blankets and Sophie the Giraffe might be frowned upon these days.  On the other hand (and maybe this is the Scottish blood running through my veins talking here), it seems a bit daft to fork out too much on a brand new piece of nursery furniture, when Henry might find his hitherto undiscovered gymnastic talents any day now. 

I’m sure you will be just as thrilled as me to learn that today, thanks to the aforementioned Facebook group, I manage to procure a solution – not just a secondhand cot, but a FREE secondhand cot.  Och aye, I do love me a bargain!  Sure, it’s not the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen, but with a new mattress, some cute cot bumpers, and the most beautiful baby in the world (obviously) residing in it, I’m sure the bite marks on the rails will hardly even be noticeable any more.  

And that isn’t even my Happy Days moment today.  Once the nanny departed at 4.45 this afternoon, I loaded the Pepperlings in the car, promising adventure, and drove 25 minutes to another neighbourhood to pick up my fab freebie, keeping my eyes peeled for anything that might pass as fun for the kids en route.  

There is nothing like discovering a great kids’ park that you’ve never known about before, and today, we definitely hit the jackpot, literally just around the corner from my pick-up point.  Not just a park, but an amazing park, FULL of kids Evie and Henry’s age.   Such a beautiful spot to spend a super sunny Wednesday afternoon – surrounded by tall trees, tennis courts and even an outdoor pool, no less.   Needless to say, my two sociable little Energiser Bunnies were in absolute seventh heaven!

ImageImageImageTwo delighted little Pepperlings.  One very happy Mummy.  #100HappyDays.

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