Squirrels, sunshine and spring rolls

Day 32.

Well, it’s been a funny old day to round up the week, that’s for sure!

We started the morning with Evie in full-on meltdown mode, over the fact that we wouldn’t allow her to eat her breakfast cereal on the sofa.  Apparently we are just the meanest, cruelest parents alive for wanting to keep milky spills away from our fabric sectional.

Having finally managed to defuse that particular bomb (a compromise – dry cereal, no milk.  She then munched her way through three bowls of Cheerios, oh-so-smugly perched in her preferred spot!), I took my morning latte upstairs, and settled down in front of the computer to read through all my work emails and get the day started…..before an ominous “beep”, followed by black screen and total silence alerted me to the fact that we no longer had any power in the house.  As the neighbour’s generators kicked into gear one by one, it became clear that it really was only Evie that had blown a fuse, and that this was a far bigger problem than flicking a switch in the garage.  Bugger!  And….whyyyyyyyy???  No wind.  No rain.  No thunderstorms.  Just grey, still skies and the odd ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds.

A friend joked that maybe the bear (who is wide awake again this spring, and busy stealing birdfeeders around the neighbourhood) had chewed through the wires.  It turned out that she wasn’t too far off the mark – not bears, but squirrels in fact, responsible for cutting the power to 1200 homes in the area.  SQUIRRELS!!  Seriously, America, I would love to know why you don’t bury your damn power lines.  Whyyyyyyyy?

Having taken advantage of the enforced down time, I managed to get through folding and putting away three loads of laundry before normal service was resumed, then finished off a decent amount of work, a couple of conference calls and another cup of (decaff) Nespresso before the nanny returned with the children and presented me with this:



I know, it’s not immediately clear, so I’ll help you out.  This, dear readers, is Not-Mary-Poppins’s monthly expenses form.   Sigh.  I despair!

But it’s Friday, and I’m about to devour a Thai takeaway treat, so I shall move swiftly on, spend the weekend rewriting the rule book (some items may well be highlighted, underlined and typed in bold font, just to be sure that there are no more….”misunderstandings”), and focus on the fact that at 4.45pm I got to shut down the PC, cuddle my two little snotty-nosed darlings and head out into the garden to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day:



What a perfect way to end a thoroughly imperfect day!  #100HappyDays

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